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Make it worth my while

Elliot; that is all I am
17 December
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I don't change a lot. Only a little.

It's natural.

I live, I stand A strong young man A faceless sham a fool's program I do not care about my fear about what's fair or over there What is the point you're trying to make or fake your hate in time don't be late We stare aware of careful dares without nightmares or shares of tears My God, you have not lived nor died nor said nor cried to dig but shy My words they hurt like too much work fight relentless twirps of galiant jerks you screw you see so much darling you might just be the one and only The end is grand just like your hand it has its points and is well planned my soul is old with gold so sold and boldly told forever its role to piece the peace with no long lease or lend mend the end to start beginnings my friend you can just stand or land a band of man is worse off than fans to believe, deceive, conceive, relieve, carry, bury, or smile with lust just love the two and be ready for you and love you for one good precious night okay I say I rarely will say No you may not give anything for that what's that what is so much more what is the door we are waiting for the past vivid stands so livid don't be so much but understand the fad the trend the girl the sand and whirl the strong snowstorm of traveling frostbite The lines are short do not retort report unsort the info so shied so what is this what really is this what are your missed items or souls I cannot see without my being across the seas the seven of them I've only seen a gulf or two the Pacific too and a grand one too but now it's done I will just say I'm done
I'm done
I'm not, okay.